Business Presentation Skills (2 days)

Up to 6 delegates

This is a typical format for those who need to make formal business presentations with little previous training. The first day concentrates on the ‘theory’ and the second day on the ‘practical’, with delegates preparing a 20 minute presentation for day two.

The content is as follows:

Day One:

  • Welcome/objectives
  • Preparing to do a persuasive business presentation
  • Setting objectives, identifying the audience
  • Putting together the content – giving it structure
  • Controlling timing
  • Keeping interest/focus with visual aids*
  • Group dynamics – dealing with the audience, their behaviour and questions

Day Two:

  • Review day one
  • Presenting yourself – dealing with nerves, body language, voice tone etc.
  • Each delegate to carry out their presentation followed by feedback
  • Review personal learning points/Close

* It may be useful to also have formal training on the creation of ‘Powerpoint’ slides if delegates wish to use these, and to create/adapt their own slides. This training can be arranged separately.