“Often when people encounter NLP it can seem theoretical with unfamiliar terms, that some may find confusing. Yet NLP is practical.”

Our purpose in writing this book is to bring NLP to enhance your life and work.

It is about creating a new reality for your life and work and in turn creating a better environment for those around you. The origins of NLP was about modelling excellence so that by using this knowledge, the same results could be produced by other people.

This book covers the ‘theory’ of NLP certainly, but its focus is on the everyday application of this theory and sharing the stories of people who have inspired us.

It is our way of giving back and hopefully making a difference for you too!

“Florence and Eleni bring NLP to life in a way that illustrates both its simplicity and power without needing to be sensational. The field of NLP has needed this book on Everyday NLP for a long time. I am grateful to Eleni and Florence for finally giving it birth. Bravo!”

Robert Dilts Developer, Author, Trainer and Consultant in the field of NLP and Co-Founder NLP University

“What it is like to be on the receiving end of you? Why don’t people see things as you do? Puzzled at times by the response of others’?”

If these questions are of interest, then this book is for you. This book is based on my Personal Effectiveness At Work course which focuses on taking practical steps to handle yourself more effectively in conversations with others, as well as thinking about yourself and others in a more resourceful way.
“A great ‘bringing together’ of ways of thinking that result in simple, practical ways of learning and living in harmony with the world. What more could you ask?”
Sue Knight NLP Master Trainer and author of ‘NLP at Work’

The book blends NLP and Transactional Analysis with Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment and Carol Dweck’s work on mindset. These as well as other approaches, aim to give practical ideas about how we be the best version of ourselves. Being aware of our impact enables us to use language more effectively, change unhelpful habits and ways of thinking, and handle feedback in a way that will enable you and others to thrive.
The book is the perfect complement to the course either to whet your appetite beforehand – or keep the inspiration going afterwards !

“As a trainer and coach Florence inspires and empowers you to be your best. I wondered if the ‘magic’ she delivers in person could be brought to life in a book – yes it can! The humour and insight that Florence brings to the practice of NLP makes things ‘click’ and leaves a lasting impact. The book introduces you to the very exciting prospect of being able to change from within.”

Dr Jo Verrill, Managing Director, Ceeda