Appraisal Skills


(1 day)

Up to 10 delegates

This course is based on the appraisal process of the client company. It is conducted mindful of the attitude to appraisal within the organisation and the client’s outcomes.

The content is based on the following format and adapted as necessary:

  • Welcome/previous experience of appraisal/personal objectives
  • Becoming a more resourceful manager inside and outside the appraisal context – shifting beliefs to put you in a more resourceful place
  • ‘Logical Levels’ model – understanding what drives attitudes and behaviour
  • Purpose of an appraisal process
  • Documentation and grading system
  • Setting objectives
  • The ‘ask and discuss’ approach
  • Gathering and evaluating information for appraisal
  • Conducting the appraisal interview
  • Practical exercises
  • Review objectives/final questions