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Breaking Patterns to Let Myself and Others Shine !

Katie Woods-Ruddick KWR Learning and Development, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

Working with the talented Claire Bradshaw whilst attending Florence’s inaugural NLP Master Practitioner course, I identified a personal trait, a pattern, which I wanted to break as it was no longer serving me or others well………

Using My Learning….. A Personal Reflection

Michael Derbyshire SHE Manager px Limited & NLP Business Practitioner.

Prior to attending my recent NLP Business Practitioner course I was pondering to myself is this course really going to change me and make me that Manager I wanted to be, which was to be more confident, challenging and assertive to my management team…………….

NLP….. Making an Impact in the Third Sector

Chris Bray Head of Marketing and Income Generation, Eden Valley Hospice and Jigsaw Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice & NLP Business Practitioner.

I was eager to benefit from NLP Business Practitioner course after seeing first-hand the transformational impact it had on a colleague, it was like having a different person come back to the office……………and wondering what was in it for me……….

Finding confidence from the stories we tell ourselves

Claire Bradshaw NLP Master Practitioner, Development Consultant and Executive Coach

I’ve been struck recently by the number of women and men I’ve been working with who have expressed a need to ‘feel more confident’, whether that be about their decisions, their leadership, the way they appear, how they feel in a group, a new experience.

Talking of Money…..

Claire Bradshaw of Claire Bradshaw Associates, Executive Coach, Development Consultant and NLP Master Practitioner

I have a confession to make. I’m a self-employed coach and trainer. And I have trouble talking about money. Which is a bit of a problem, because each time I undertake a piece of work, it is absolutely necessary to do so – isn’t it?