By Chris Bennett

A strong supporter and defender of the cause

Once roamed a truly magnificent courageous Paladin, prominently pronounced by the eye piercing pure white coat and mane of his gallant trusty stallion.

Presenting himself with the heart and courage of a lion, exuding an aura and presence of authority, living by the assurance of an age old saying; as old as the glooming granite mountains of Asia:

‘As a Paladin, The path of resentment is easier to travel than the road to forgiveness’

The paladin adventured across the dreary lifeless lands, tortured by the unforgiving heat of the sun, with little purpose more than survival and proving sporadic, heroic support to villagers, beggars, and fellows in need, leaving a trail of friendship and positivity for mankind.

His presence welcomed and worshipped like a ‘god’ of the lands, a redeemer of faith and trust in mankind.

Encroaching upon a small settlement, nervous of what lie ahead. His mind wandering of survival once again. Visioning the stories from his childhood, of Lions, pride and courage, he took a breath, as deep as the ocean, pushed out his chest, then spurred his majestic stallion forward.

Contrary to his expectations, he was greeted by the welcoming villagers, feeling as though his arrival was expected and a satisfying ease from his presence. His confidence grew and he began to relax, finding comfort following weeks of solitude.

Settling in the local inn, the atmosphere was electrifying filling his soul with the presence of people, the long-lost sounds of joy and laughter, and mouthwatering tastes of satisfying food, giving some soul filling satisfaction, even if just for a short time.

Following a good morale lifting evening at the inn, the Paladin rested his weary head on the freshly cleaned luscious soft pillow, bringing visions, and feeling of life as a king and exuberating the soft soothing scents of a meadow.

As life began to fill the Paladin’s body from the sensual relaxing sleep, he awoke to a bodily satisfying desire for more. A feeling he hadn’t experienced in many years. Seeking deep inside for an understanding of this desire and an answer, questioning himself of this unusual feeling, ‘more of what’, a growth of satisfaction became apparent from the soul satisfying night and heartwarming feeling of a good night sleep.

Following a steady awakening and satisfying breakfast, he greeted his stallion with a feast of vegetables, radiant with the colors of a rainbow following a gloomy autumn storm.

Daydreaming of a life as satisfying as the last day, began to fill the Paladines heart and soul with ambition and determination, maybe even purpose!

As for his purpose, for a life of a redeemer and drive of ambition, that was to be determined by his own actions……..