Congratulations to all of those who gained NLP Coaching Diploma qualifications this summer:

Open Course at Ullswater June /July

Baxi Group Daventry June /July

‘Everyday NLP’ …Update!

Everyday NLP which is being co-authored with my friend and associate Eleni Sarantinou of Life Spheres, and which will become the pre-course reading for our NLP Business Practitioner courses, is nearly there!

It started as a joke, I said to Eleni we should write our own NLP book………..unexpectedly she said yes…….so in January this year we got started……….in February I joined her in Kuala Lumpur to pull our ideas together, (and have some pictures taken as you can see !). We wanted to explain the key concepts of NLP through our own stories and take away the possible mystique. NLP is relevant to our everyday life and experiences …… that is what we have set out to show.

Since then we have met up in London, Thessaloniki and now Toulouse to bring our ideas together. Thank you to all of those who have read drafts and given us feedback so far………we are very close to the finish line and expect to go to print in September!

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You might be interested in… mine and Eleni’s other new books, both of which are now available on Amazon !!

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