Using My Learning….. A Personal Reflection

Michael Derbyshire SHE Manager px Limited & NLP Business Practitioner.

Prior to attending my recent NLP Business Practitioner course I was pondering to myself is this course really going to change me and make me that Manager I wanted to be, which was to be more confident, challenging and assertive to my management team…………….

To me this would be a major accomplishment and would enable me to move forward on my timeline to get closer to my overall goal.

From attending the seven day course not only did I meet some incredible people who I can now call friends, but I watched Florence weave her magic over us all and enabling us to turn ourselves into just what we wanted. I have been on some training courses over my life time, but any training Florence delivers means something and so much so I can apply this easily back in the workplace.

I am not only a trainer but a line manager at px Limited and I have felt this training has ticked all the objectives I had and I sit here now chuckling away thinking how much I have helped others already.

The NLP approaches I learned worked extremely well with my team, helping them look forward to their goals…….. and I especially love their new found energy, all this just from some inspiring words and belief !!

I have set myself targets to practice my skills with my work colleagues and to continue my own personal journey I have set up a NLP working group with a work colleague so we have that “safe environment” to try new things or existing things and support each other.

So where is next on my journey? Well I say for now 2017 is all about putting into practice NLP Business Practitioner before I look at my timeline again to ensure I am still on track to reach my goal. From this my next milestone would be to take my NLP journey further with the NLP Master Practitioner course.

So to sum up my experience I feel my better rapport building, my focus on the ‘pillars of success’ and living with a more resourceful set of beliefs means I have all those resources around me that need to move forward !