My New Book, ‘The Intention Impact Conundrum’ on Amazon from 26 April 2018 !!!

I am excited to announce my first book ‘The Intention Impact Conundrum’, also the subject of my session at the NLP International conference, is available on Amazon from 26th April…. read on for a taster from Chapter 1 !

First all of some ‘thank yous’ to friends and clients who have become friends……..and all now my editors: Sue Knight, Claire Bradshaw, Chris Bray, Laura Cadman, Maureen Tallis, Dr Jo Verrill, Nicky Ellis, Alyson Renwick, Eleni Sarantinou and Dr David Fraser.
Thank you for your help and feedback that have got the book to this point ………and your generous testimonials.

A little taste of Chapter 1: The View From Here

When you stand inside a building usually you can see what is in there, you know the quality of the light, the temperature, the furnishings – and something of what it is like to be in there. People outside can only glimpse through the windows or other openings and see only a little of what you can see. They can only guess what it is like to be in there, based on what they observe. From inside we don’t have their perspective either, we don’t know the overall picture that they can see or interpret how it looks to them.
That is how it is for us too as people. We know what it is like on the inside because that is our main view. Sometimes we don’t even know what is in some of the rooms yet because we have to make the effort to explore to know that. We don’t know what people are seeing from the outside unless we go out and join them there, and ask them questions about what they are seeing. So our view if we stand still is naturally limited. In NLP* a key pre-supposition is that:

Everyone has a different map of the world

If on the other hand we are curious enough to explore, paying attention to what is happening around us, willing to shift our perspective and respectful enough to ask for and listen to others’ viewpoints, then our map of the world will expand and change! With it, our relationships with others, and indeed with ourselves, shifts too.

That is what this book is all about
….. being curious
….. being willing to look from new perspectives
….. being open to feedback verbal or observed
…. and helping others to do the same……

So how can we get a handle on the impact we have on others…..and what to do about it?

* NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Frank Pucelik in California, the United States in the 1970s. Their work was based on the work of thinkers in 1960s and 1970s operating in the fields of cybernetics, therapy and philosophy.

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Coming soon ‘Everyday NLP’ Goes on Sale In June !

My next book (very odd words for me to write!) co-authored with Eleni Sarantinou of Life Spheres, will go on sale in June and will become the pre-course reading for our NLP Business Practitioner courses !

It started as a joke, I said to Eleni we should write our own NLP book………..unexpectedly she said yes…….so in January this year we got started……….in February I joined her in Kuala Lumpur to pull our ideas together, (and have some pictures taken as you can see !). We wanted to explain the key concepts of NLP through our own stories and take away the possible mystique. NLP is relevant to our everyday life and experiences …… that is what we have set out to show.

Watch this space for more details !!

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Look Out For ‘The Intention Impact Conundrum’ Book Launch in April 2018

I am delighted to confirm that my first book ‘The Intention Impact Conundrum’ will be out on 25th April…shortly to be followed by another !

The book: The Intention/Impact Conundrum is also the subject of my session at the NLP International Conference in May ! For details follow the link below. What it it is about, is beautifully summarised by Sue Knight NLP Master Trainer and author of NLP at Work:

“A great ‘bringing together’ of ways of thinking that result in simple, practical ways of learning and living in harmony with the world. What more could you ask?”

My second book ‘Everyday NLP’ is being co-authored with my friend and associate Eleni Sarantinou of Life Spheres and we expect to have our book also available for the NLP conference in May. The book looks at the key concepts of NLP, and as the title suggests, applies them in everyday situations. Find out more about Eleni on:

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Listening to Understand….And Allow Others To Think!

Jenny Mackness, HR Manager px Limited and NLP Master Practitioner
As a believer in the therapeutic process and the benefits of having space to think, question and be supportively challenged, (often by myself!), I am also very aware of the power of words.

The power to create shared understanding and, in enabling others to work out what they really mean, are wanting to say, have heard and, understood by others. This has been brought home further by my latest choice in audiobooks – a series of therapy sessions with the therapist Esther Perel – “Where Shall We Begin?”

In the space within my car, driving to and around for work, I have created a listening and thinking environment for me about the power and impact of words and, of truly being heard by others. How even in the closest of relationships we can be speaking a foreign, misheard language, where what we say is rarely what we are meaning and where our words contains layers of history and intention, with the potential for misunderstanding and misdirection. How so often it can seem that it is more important to have had “our say,” even when we have said it before, than to pay attention to what is really being said and asked to be listened to.

And in this listening zone of my car, where I can only listen, I have also learnt, how that act in itself can and does change the story(ies) which are being presented and the conversations which have and are being had.

For when we truly give another person the space and courage to speak their voice out loud, to think, wonder and work out what they really want to say and mean, we open up a whole new conversation and world of possibility – not only for them, but also for us.

So one of my resolutions this year, is to continue to develop my ability to shut up. To take a breath before I speak and, mentally check in with myself before I open my mouth and ask “for whom am I saying this ?…. what might happen if I didn’t?” To to go with the likely numerous resulting goldfish actions and, to continue to shut up.

For many people this will be a completely new experience for them in a conversation with me; a realisation that they have my attention, that I am really listening and that I want to understand their meaning and their learning. They have my time and my attention and what they are saying however they are saying it, matters to me.

To misquote Ronan Keating in Boyzone “I’ll say it best when I say less overall!”

And so my question to you, is what might happen, if that was how you had your next conversation……..?