What is ‘New Code’ NLP… and ‘The Healer Within’?

John Grinder Co-creator of NLP

John Grinder is a force of nature, at 75 years old still rock climbing, still horse riding and still developing the field of NLP…………

Last time I was about to attend John Grinder’s course in Murcia (Spain):
International Coaching Certification with New Code NLP.
Although the focus of the course, (obviously), was coaching using New Code NLP, John also took us through his fascinating work ‘The Healer Within’.

New Code NLP

New Code NLP I would summarise as getting your brain into its optimum state for learning and making choices…. by activating the ‘non-dominant’ hemisphere in the brain. Unlike traditional coaching approaches the focus is having choices to achieve your outcome, rather than fixing on a specific course of action…. the learning is much more generalised as a result, so the client can apply their learning in a wide range of contexts. The proof though, is in the results and I’m impressed… and, consequently, now including ‘New Code’ in my courses !

‘The Healer Within’

This was of particular interest given some serious health challenges within my family right now. The idea is that the unconscious mind creates an illness or a condition as a response to something that is happening for someone (an inappropriate response of course). And the exciting proposition is that what the unconscious mind can do… it can often undo… or at least make improvements. John can point to a great deal of success with his approach …. and indeed this was demonstrated with individuals on the course. The medical world is taking notice and maybe we should too ………..I am fascinated to see where this can go !

On a personal note, I would like to thank John publicly for his help and care of a member of my family and his wise words! It’s always nice to meet your heroes…. and find they are just that !!