The Mastery of Leadership – New Book by Dr David Fraser !

David Fraser (informal)Dr David Fraser author of ‘Relationship Mastery’ has a new book out in March called ‘The Mastery of Leadership: Presence and Practice in Transformational Change’ ….and I have been privileged to read the draft copy……………

His new book is less of a ‘how to do leadership’, and more of a’ how are you thinking about leadership ?’. I think it is a book which stimulates reflection, challenges thinking and one that will tempt the reader, (and certainly this reader), back between its covers time and again to savour the questions it poses. In a changing world ‘leaders’ need to evolve and change…….and this book is an excellent tool to support this process. Having read it…….. I am now looking forward to going back to the start, to see what further treasures it holds !

“A powerful book full of grace and wisdom” (Gene Early, Internationally recognized leadership advisor)