Megan Steps Out…and Steps Forward !

meganStuck in the corporate world defined by my job, it had become a habit and one that was safe, comfortable but stifling and not joyful. Then in 2017 I started to change my thinking…..

My NLP Business Practitioner course which I completed in October 2017, allowed me to feel free and explore my creativity. Still not fully embracing the change though, and yet feeling as if something was missing, I went back to the familiar.

When a routine mammogram revealed breast cancer, I had a mastectomy. Somehow feeling inner strength, I realised work was not so important and that I needed to take time to recover and put myself first. My Mum also passed away during this time. When I did return to work, I felt lost and alone – after 18 years of service I felt unsupported, and on top of that, the company changed my role. I didn’t want it, took an agreement and left my ‘familiar’.

I knew it was the right thing, but deep down was still struggling, I found all my NLP work in a drawer and started to read it again…..I remember how much I loved it, the excitement of learning and growing.

The photographs of Florence and the group, the way I had been so happy in those days of the course……now I knew it was time to change.

I enrolled at the local college and did the certificate in counselling, then applied to Nottingham University to do Humanistic Counselling full time and got accepted! No idea how we will manage yet, but I know we will, and I am finally following a dream of 38 years!!

NLP started this journey and was all still there in my head….. just waiting for when I was ready to commit to change.

Thank you, Florence !