‘Everyday NLP’ now available !

EverydayNLPEleni and I are thrilled to announce that our book is now on sale and available on Amazon!

It started as a throwaway remark from me at the end of a skype call, that we should write our own NLP book. Nothing gets past Eleni of course and her reply was “Why not? You write half, I’ll write half!”. And so, we began!

Both of us run ‘intensive’ NLP courses in various locations around the world, where delegates are required to do pre-course reading to prepare for the course, so that they start with a good base knowledge. What better we thought, than to tune into the course tutor and her approach as well?

We began writing in January 2018, and, as we live on opposite sides of the world, there have been numerous Skype calls as well as meeting up in Kuala Lumpur, London, Toulouse, Thessaloniki and nearly Santiago in Chile! Both of us have already written a book on our own – writing with someone else, however, has been a whole different challenge and the book is certainly the better for it.

Often when people encounter NLP it can seem theoretical with unfamiliar language that some may find confusing – yet NLP is practical and every day! So, our approach has been to use our own life experiences and stories to explain the concepts and models of NLP, as they have relevance in every aspect of our everyday life. We also wanted it to look and feel inviting, so the book is in full colour with photographs and illustrations…. and even colour coded ‘signposts’ along the way.

Each chapter has been discussed, (sometimes debated) and agreed by us both. Along the way, we have been thrilled to receive testimonials from among others, Robert Dilts who has been a developer, author and consultant in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming since its creation in 1970s. Indeed, we are hugely grateful to all of those who gave us feedback on early drafts and testimonials on the final copy – the book would not have been the same without their input.

Everyday NLP will be available to purchase on Amazon from the second half of September and we would love to have your feedback too!