Flying Bananas

Flying Bananas
By Simon Long

The Alps in winter are simply majestic, but for my money in summer they are even better.

The sheer scale of the Mountains, the distant snow-capped peaks with far off glaciers feeding steams, which cascade over the alp to the valley below.

The beauty of the meadows, resplendent with alpine flora, the sweet smell of freshly mown hay, the far off, almost “musical” sound of cow bells, as the herds are tended by the locals.
We love the Alps, and our first trip there, as a family, was something Mum and Dad anticipated eagerly.

Eventually the time came, 3 children, aged 6, 4 and 3 year; old enough to enjoy this wonderful playground.

As ever, it was a long journey to the resort, but in compensation it was a beautiful day, clear blue skies, not a cloud in the sky.
As we drove along the wide valley floor, in the distance we saw the far off shapes of para-gliders.

When we got closer we could make out the individual wings, with their pilots, skillfully defying gravity as they rode the thermals – a sight to behold and wonder at.

“Children, children – see the paragliders!” – they looked up from their gadgets.

Then the silence was broken from the rear seats as Bruce shouted “look at the flying bananas Dad, flying bananas!!”

We nearly drove off the road with laughter…. Life was good….!