The Hare and the Tortoise

The Hare and the Tortoise
By Linzi Gate

So today I am going to be telling you the story of ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’. Now I know that you are thinking that you already know that story however this is slightly different so sit back and listen to the NLP version.

Picture a lovely summers day in the heart of the beautiful Lake District, a great day for many things and especially a race.

Two great friends, Hare and Tortoise were standing at the start. Hare was hopping from foot to foot and raring to go. He was totally focussed on the route and the journey ahead of him. He had spent several days thinking about the race, planning his strategy in his head and he had estimated it would take him 45 minutes with 1 rest break. Tortoise had also spent time thinking about his strategy and he had come fully prepared with his rucksack.

The starter called the two to the line. The sound of the starting pistol pierced the air and Hare disappeared off down the path at top speed. He ran and ran and after about 20 minutes he checked his watch, ‘time for my rest break’ he thought and sat himself down for 5 minutes. Hare was pleased with himself as he had made good progress and was right on target. He checked back along the path and Tortoise was nowhere to be seen, ‘excellent’ he thought and carried on at top speed towards the finish line.

When he reached the finish line, who should be sat there waiting but Tortoise ! Hare was astounded. ‘How on earth did you get here?’ he asked breathlessly.
‘Well I just followed the path’ said Tortoise calmly
‘But I followed the path’ replied Hare, very confused
‘Ah, I took another path’ said Tortoise
‘There isn’t another path’ said Hare ‘there are fields on either side of that one and the grass is so long you can’t get through them’
‘Yes but I have all the resources I need’ said Tortoise. ‘I created a new pathway, you could call it a new neural pathway’ he continued. ‘Once I got to the pond, I spoke to the frogs and they told me ‘There is always choice’. So I carried on. When I came to the squirrels in the forest, I wasn’t sure I was going in the right direction. They told me ‘everyone has a different map of the world’ so I carried on again. I came to the edge of the field and wasn’t sure where to go, I had several choices, so I nearly stopped there and gave up however the mice in the long grass told me ‘the person with the most flexibility controls the situation’ so I decided to follow the hedge and soon I came to the finish line’.

Hare was gutted. ‘I was so organised, I planned my route, was totally focussed on the outcome, gave my absolute best performance and I have still failed’ he said forlornly.
‘No’ said Tortoise, ‘there is no failure only feedback, let me enlighten you’.
‘You are by far the fastest runner and were obviously going to beat me easily. You were organised and focussed and you certainly gave your all, however you only had one route to take and there was no flexibility in your plan. I, on the other hand, had rather a lot of help’. Hare smiled and knew his efforts hadn’t been in vain. Tortoise continued ‘Oh and I obviously had the advantage’.
‘What advantage?’ asked Hare
‘Well I told you earlier that I have all the resources I need’ and with that Tortoise turned back to his rucksack and pulled out a copy of his favourite book, NLP at Work by Sue Knight. ‘I have been Florenced !’ he said triumphantly.