Diary of an NLP Business Practitioner ……Starting in Fibber Magee’s In Lancaster !

Jim Maguire
Communities and Leisure Manager at South Lakeland District Council

Picture the scene, 6 baby birds sitting in their nest waiting for the wise mother bird to return with a worm or at least that’s what it felt like on the first morning of the recent NLP Business Practitioner course. 6 newbies eager to be fed. That was some weeks ago now and what a trip it has been………………

With only a couple of days notice before the course started and faced with reading Sue Knight’s book my journey began in Fibber Magee’s Irish pub in Lancaster. Long story for another day ……..but it involved Sue Knight, Guinness and Mozart.

Chapter 1 flew by. This was easy!
Chapter 2 took a little longer.
Chapter 3 almost a week. This is going to be heavy going.

Day 1 of the course came and off we set.
Nothing could have prepared me for the onslaught that was coming:

5 Pillars of NLP. Prime Directives of the unconscious mind. Countless pre-suppositions. Milton Model. Meta Model. This was a foreign language…… I never got French so this was going to be difficult.

Day 2. OMG. Melt down day! Enough said.

Day 3 I began with a work meeting and so I missed an hour or two. But then clarity ! The clouds were clearing and the fog of confusion started to lift after all “we have all the resources we need”. Right?

Day 4, 5, 6 are a blur of timelines, logical levels and parts integrations.

And then it came exam day! Everyone else had a quiz but I had an exam.

Needless to say we passed. I never understood what all the fuss was about thanks to Guinness and Mozart this was easy, right?

So back to work and what’s changed. I was asked by a colleague “what’s it like then?”

What’s what like?

You know…… NLP!

Difficult to explain in a word say I…….. Amazing will do…… No wait enlightening…… Or thought-provoking.

No amazing….. That’ll do….. Yep…… Amazing.

Along the way I’ve dealt with a bogey man, cured a chocolate habit and found a new place to be when it all goes pear shaped.

Since finishing the NLP Business Practitioner I’ve also been accepted as a Chartered Fellow of the Management Institute and been accepted as Mentor on their Mentor programme. Amazing what a bit of self belief can bring.

I have one tip.

BSPOT (5 Pillars)

Behavioural Flexibility
Sensory Acuity
Psychology and Physiology of Excellence
Outcome Thinking
Take Responsibility