Look Out For ‘The Intention Impact Conundrum’ Book Launch in April 2018

I am delighted to confirm that my first book ‘The Intention Impact Conundrum’ will be out on 25th April…shortly to be followed by another !

The book: The Intention/Impact Conundrum is also the subject of my session at the NLP International Conference in May ! For details follow the link below. What it it is about, is beautifully summarised by Sue Knight NLP Master Trainer and author of NLP at Work:

“A great ‘bringing together’ of ways of thinking that result in simple, practical ways of learning and living in harmony with the world. What more could you ask?”

My second book ‘Everyday NLP’ is being co-authored with my friend and associate Eleni Sarantinou of Life Spheres and we expect to have our book also available for the NLP conference in May. The book looks at the key concepts of NLP, and as the title suggests, applies them in everyday situations. Find out more about Eleni on:


Click on the link below to see the full Conference programme:

And even better come and join me on my Sunday session:
I would love to see you there !!!