Ways To Step Out Of Comfort Into Learning!

By Claire Bradshaw, Coach & Trainer

A new year can be a time to make plans, to look forward – we might think about opportunities we’d like to create, relationships we’d like to build or aspirations we’d like to make real. Perhaps there’s a skill you’d like to learn this year, some knowledge you’d like to gain or a quality in yourself you’d like to develop.

In my article, which you can access by clicking on the link below, I  consider the positive effects learning can have on our well-being, the process of learning as we move from not knowing to knowing unconsciously, what it takes to step out of our comfort zone and the importance of a growth (rather than fixed) mindset to overcoming potential fears or perceptions of risk when it comes to learning. The article concludes with ‘5 ways to step out of comfort into learning’:

  1. Reframe Stress
  2. Start Small
  3. Shift Limiting Beliefs
  4. Be Creative
  5. Develop New Skills

To read my article click HERE to find out more !