The Lady in the Lake

The Lady in the Lake
By Andy Dixon

The lady and the lake had a regular acquaintance. “Good morning fine lady and how are you today?” The lake would pronounce. The voice was greeted with a distinguished smile, an eloquent look, and a nod of calculated thought! An air of calm, a tactful pause, an unassuming stare, a considered view, but still the silence remained!

“Good morning fine lady and how you are today” the lake pronounced again! A thoughtful face, a warm embrace, a friendly grin, stayed well within. A resolute stance, no need to dance, observant mode, and serene, composed, cordial type, no need for hype! But the silence still remained!

“How are you today” the lake proclaimed, no further questions on the way! Self-control remained within, whilst further calculated thoughts begin! Ingenious, apt, creative and clever, all within this imaginative figure! One final check it’s time to go, return to the world most of us know! Silence maintained a self -check complete, not answering the voice, not needing receipt.

So what was the question being asked by the lake? The magical water surely could not be a fake! The mystery within would surely unveil, no voice has a lake, nor such a distinct tale. The answer’s the image, reflection we see when we look in deep water, a reflection of thee!