The Golden Eagle

By Inga Whittaker

Once upon a time, there lived a majestic Golden Eagle. He was the King of the Sky. He was such a beautiful bird, his wings were strong and wide and he would fly miles and miles each day to hunt, to look out for danger, to play or simply enjoy the view from above.

Everything looked different when he was up in the sky…

One day in an unfortunate accident he broke his left wing. He was told by Dr Eagle that it will be impossible for his wing to heal completely.

The Golden Eagle was sad and worried and this was really bringing him down. He lost his hope to ever fly again and missed flying to the sky whenever he wanted to. Days passed by… weeks passed by… months passed by…

He was well looked after by his family and his flock who made sure the Golden Eagle was fed and felt safe. The Eagle was bored so he was going for walks every day and doing all sorts of exercise just to be doing something.

He felt comfortable and safe but he never stopped wondering how different his life could have been if he would be able to fly again. He knew ho to fly but he felt that his broken wing would hold him back. This was now the only thing he was focusing on… how broken his wing was.

One day he was taking his daily walk to the nearby cliff when he met the Wise Robin. Robin asked what happened to the Eagle as he is looking very down. The Golden Eagle told the Wise Robin about his broken wing and his lost hope to fly again.

The Wise Robin listened carefully to the Eagle and said: “In the absence of hope, sometimes you need to create it. If you believe you can never fly again, then you are not even attempt to fly again. You must believe that you can achieve what you imagined to and by focusing on that you will set yourself free to achieve it.”

The Golden Eagle was deep in thoughts about Robin’s words and for the first time his thoughts were focused on something else but his broken wing. He did not notice how he stepped over cliffs edge… he instinctively opened his wings and there he was, flying again towards the Sun.