The Circus

The Circus
By Kerry Glaister

Once upon a time there was a circus, the circus was a small family business but it was very much respected across the land. It travelled miles and miles entertaining many families and children. Whenever the circus was in town there was always an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

The biggest star attraction was the big cat finale and the lady lion tamer. Everyone was always amazed how this lady had such power and uncanny knowledge on these wild creatures. She trained small little panther baby cats right through to big strong and proud lions. There always seemed to be an unspoken language between them, she just knew how they worked and how to “talk” to them to get the best out of them to make them perform.

One day the circus rocked up in the Lake District, it was not an unusual night apart there was a slightly bigger crowd, the lights were bright and everyone was excited to see the big cat finale at the end of the show.

The lion tamer stepped out into the ring and all her cats came running out to perform. When she grabbed for her whip, she realised it had somehow snapped and the whip just fell by her side, she feared she could not make the cats perform like she did all the times before. The big strong proud lion sensed her fear and scratched her with his big playful paw. She was mortified, upset and very very embarrassed.

She quickly finished the show but her nerves were shot and she didn’t want to return to the ring without her whip, it was the only one she ever had. She feared she could never go near the big lions without her whip again.

She searched high and low but alas not a whip was to be found.

Sometime later…… the circus ‘rocked’ up again in the Lakes she stepped out into the ring with the lions, she smiled confidently at the audience and the people clapped and cheered…………