Putting My NLP Business Practitioner to Work !

Caroline Pett NLP Business Practitioner, Phone Shop Manager and aspiring coach.

I’ve recently finished my NLP Business Practitioner course, and have been trying some of the NLP presuppositions on for size. A couple of them slipped straight on and immediately felt comfortable…….

“There is no failure, only feedback”, for example, was music to my ears – no more looking down on myself, feeling disappointed to not to have achieved what I want first time – I’ll just chalk it up to experience and press stop on the treadmill, BEFORE turning around…. and next time I’m sure I won’t end up in a heap on the floor. What a relief it is to have the belief that there is not failure, only feedback in my life!

Another one that I liked the look of was “Every action has an (unconscious) positive intention”. Brilliant! No need to feel guilty for “accidentally” eating a full box of Malteasers – my unconscious must want the best for me and I’m sure that it knows best, who am I to argue? Where this one became a little more difficult was when it came to applying it to the actions of others…………..

It wasn’t immediately obvious to me what the positive intention could possibly be when presented with wet towels left on the bed….a damp and disgusting bed to get into? When quizzed, the perpetrator informed me the intention was not to be late leaving the house – and in their map of the world, the 2 minutes it would have taken was vital. You can see I’m still struggling with believing that all actions have (unconscious) positive intentions, but I’m certainly giving it a go!
This one, for me, is like that pair of shoes that look great, but nip your toes when you wear them – I’m hoping they’ll loosen up and be comfortable with a bit of time.

The final one I have been exploring in detail is that “Everyone has a different map of the world.” What an adventure this one is to get into! Given the right space, I’ve found that others will very willingly show you around some of their map – some of the more public spaces at least, and it’s amazing what can be found there. Some of the things that I thought surely would be the same as my map, have been very different, even compared to people with whom I have a lot of shared experiences.

The more I ‘wear’ the presuppositions the more comfortable I find them, and I’m finding that they are having a hugely positive influence on how I see my world…………………and live in it !