Why man’s best friend is the perfect choice to help humans grow and learn

By Angela Watson

NLP Trainer

Executive Coach


And specialist in animal assisted learning programmes !

On Wednesday 21st August, I was interviewed by Alan Fawcett, host of Infinite Pie.

If you want to hear the interview you can download it here

During the interview I talked about the AH-HA moment I had when I decided to combine my 2 passions to offer coaching and training programmes using dogs to help people develop their leadership and communication skills.

I also talked about why developing quality relationships is a core foundation to progress and success, and why man’s best friend is such a great choice to help build effective human-human relationships. And why my friend Florence Madden deserves a special mention.

Whilst still in it’s infancy, my animal assisted learning programmes have proved to be unique, uplifting and inspirational experiences.

These programmes offer experiential learning and coaching for young people and adults, using man’s best friend as a focusing tool to help participants to gain insights into their patterns of behaviour and thoughts.

The programmes cover areas such as team work, leadership, confidence building, with a focus on communication and relationship.

My clients have told me that they have learnt more about themselves in relation to their strengths and weaknesses as well as their preferred style for working effectively with others, and have been able to transfer and action new ideas into their work once they have left the programme.

To end the interview I shared my top tip for a happy working life  –

“Use your talents and do work that enthuses you”

If you want to hear the podcast you can download it here