The Secrets of the Linden Tree

By Duncan Naven

There once was a huge forest and on the edge of the huge forest was a large old linden tree, which was home to a great number of creatur

es, specifically a white wagtail bird named Daisy and her friend a ladybird named Filipina.

Now Daisy wasn’t any ordinary white wagtail, she was a white wagtail with an enormous family for whom she was greatly loyal, she worked tirelessly and selflessly all day every day feeding them and caring for them as best she could with very little support, even though most of them, no sorry all of them were capable of feeding and caring for themselves, her life was a struggle until one-day tragedy struck. Daisy was injured, she’d hurt her wing, she’d just and so managed to get back to the old linden tree and her nest, however was no longer able to feed and care for her large family. They were all in shock, what would they do? They’ll have to get on and do it for themselves.

At first, everything was great and there seemed to be a silver lining to the tragedy as her family started feeding and caring for Daisy and themselves however, as time past and with their new-found confidence less and less of Daisy’s family members chose to return to the old linden tree.

Daisy grew increasingly sad and worried, she sought advice from her friend Filipina who took her to speak to the old linden tree who was known for her words of wisdom. The linden tree gave Daisy one instruction, to go and see Mr. Magpie once a day every day for he has something special that you can use and when you use it I want you to keep 3 things in mind and the linden tree whispered the 3 things in her ear, and when you are better you must go out and get your own special something that you can keep with you and use as and when and as often as you like.

Filipina watched in amazement as she brought Daisy little snacks every now and then, she was going from strength to strength until one day as Filipina was out collecting fruit and vegetables a familiar sight came flying through the air landing and wagging he

r tail on a rock beside her. It was Daisy bursting with life, as she excitedly tweeted to her that she is back better than ever and with her own special something to have, to hold, and to cherish forevermore, skies the limit.

Filipina climbed on Daisy’s back as they took to the sky and back to the old linden tree where they sang and drank and danced and ate and talked into the night, happy and excited for every new day to dawn.