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Do we make the same mistakes?

By Dr David Fraser – Author, speaker, coach on change, leadership, and professional relationships; engineer, programme director

It starts like this…

I’m not that happy with the way the meeting is going. Certain things about the way the other person talks or acts, I don’t really like. At least, I don’t feel that I want to work with them or do business with them, or certainly not yet.

So, I ask myself, what exactly is it they’re doing that’s putting me off?

Useful to understand clearly what that is. Sometimes it’s quite subtle.

That’s Part A.

Then it gets tougher and this really is the point…

Part B:

Do I make the same mistakes?

In what way do I have the same behavior, or something similar?

With whom might I be presenting the same problem?

Where does the other person’s pattern show up in my own life?

Maybe it really doesn’t, or maybe it does.

What about you? What’s someone else’s behavior telling you about your own?

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