Clive the Clownfish

Clive the Clownfish
By Susan Kellock

Deep in wettest Cumbria, Clive the clown fish lived in the aquarium tank, it was a magical kingdom filled with Nemo and friends. Since being recently added to this new world, reluctantly Clive kept himself to himself, watching the life going on around him. Life was sweet but to him the other clown fish seemed to live on the edge.

Within the devilish thorns of the sea anemone the other clown fish played, it was their emerald city, they had a wondrous time and Clive looked in on it, wanting to share the candy but for those thorns!

Clive would hear the other tank fish talk of the sharp malevolence of the anemone and how they dared not go close , despite his clown fish friends positive reassurance Clive would go to join them and then retreat, always retreat!.

As with all situations there is always a wise old something, enter Sadie the snail. Sadie had spent many years holding fast to the surfaces of this fine glass palace, located in a hotel in the Lake District, deep in wettest Cumbria.

She had seen and heard many come and go from her dual aspect world and had become almost encyclopaedic in her recall. Sadie’s watery role was to allow everyone to see out, to allow the sparkle, to keep the tank clean, clean equals fish happiness equal Sadie’s happiness……Job done!

Clive totally bemused by his situation of Clown fish v’s other fish spent many hours treading the waters alongside Sadie and her stories, sharing thoughts and memories of the oceans spent in her glass magnified world.

So as the sands trickled by, and the waters changed, Clive filtered the happy truth of being a proper clown fish, and so the emerald city rose up ahead.

On tasting the sweetness …Deep in wettest Cumbria the clown fish play…………………..