Change Ahoy !


Pam Birks
Head of Property Services, Riverside, Cumbria


What if any control/influence do I have in times of change?

I have all the resources I need (Florence’s voice is telling me in her beautiful melodic tone), I can choose how to work in a changing environment, now I am choosing to use my learning and resources and seeing the positive outcomes…………….

I have found that smiling is rewarded with a smile back; I am looking for the positive intentions in the change going on around me.

One little change has made a big change:

Behind every apparently ‘negative’ response is a positive intention – I now look for the positive intention in the change and work to achieve it.

Ergo:- Smile and breed positivity, speak using sub modalities and engage staff, releasing the negativity and using it as a positive.

‘Change is an Opportunity’, to learn new things, do our tasks in a different way, improve safety and so much more………