Welcome to Personal Effects for June……this month there is some behavioural advice from Bike magazine using Transactional Analysis to ride safely……..and if you find that a surprise what about applying NLP to dog training…..biggest surprise of all is how building ‘rapport’ saved a husky’s life !!! Read on………….

The Courage to Build Rapport

The Courage to Build Rapport……….do you know the one about the husky and the polar bear ?

The story is…………. a fully grown male polar bear approaches a team of huskies that are chained up and cannot escape…………the watching humans expect carnage as the bear picks off an easy meal, and as the bear approaches the dog goes down on his front paws, tail wagging in a gesture of play……….amazingly the polar bear (clearly not desperately starving) responds to the play invite……….and keeps coming back day after day for more fun. The humans just take pictures in awe.

As many of you read this you may have the NLP beliefs of excellence running through your mind……..

‘You have all the resources you need’……….. ‘The person with the most flexibility has the most influence’ or even ‘There are no resistant clients only inflexible communicators’………..

whichever one appeals to you the power is in making a CHOICE to achieve the OUTCOME we want rather than getting the ‘usual’ result ?

Thanks to a recent delegate Pam Birks for telling me about this. More information on You Tube or clicking this link

Does NLP work with dogs?

Linda Seren

Canine Behaviourist and Trainer

NLP & Colour Practitioner

At first glance, no. How could it? But then as a dog behaviourist and trainer rarely do I work with the dog itself; it’s far more about training the owners! So let’s dig a little deeper..

I educate people to understand their dog’s perspective and ‘speak’ canine to promote better interaction and deepen their co-operative bond. Naturally the dogs are already fluent in their own language ☺

Early on I believed I was simply a translator and while that’s true in part, I desired ways to improve my human to human verbal communication skills. Even further, to better read body language (largely how a dog communicates by the way) and understand subconscious patterning as I ask the owners to drive a behavioural change in themselves in order to change their dog’s.

Enter NLP…

I was fortunate to discover this exciting topic a few years ago and qualified as a Practitioner on the stunning island of Tinos, tutored by the equally stunning Eleni Sarantinou and Florence Madden.

Since then I have applied NLP techniques during consultations such as matching & mirroring to create Rapport plus the use of Metaphor. This enables the client to alter their subconscious patterns of behaviour and try something new.

For example, imagine a Sergeant-Major type, barking orders at his dog and getting no response or at best, a reluctant creature slinking toward him. I might suggest he request the dog to ‘come’ to him without using words. Once he’d finished stuttering at my absurd idea he might just give it a go. He would have to use eye contact and body language to covey his message, therefore potentially creating a new neuron pathway as the conscious minds explores a different approach. By asking the right questions we really can appropriate change and release conditioned habits.

It may be that this imaginary client has limiting beliefs about himself relating to insecurity and compensates for this in his manner and tone of communication. Regardless of why though, humans may be bluffed by a ‘commanding tone and appearance’ but not dogs! If communication is not coming from a place of quiet authority they instinctively sense this is not a convincing leader after all.

Most people adore their dogs and it is my goal to help them build wonderfully lasting relationships through respect and co-operation. As Stephen R. Covey said

‘Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication’.

So, by ‘speaking’ to dogs using our bodies and eyes minus a lot of the verbal, we are in fact mirroring, thus creating Rapport and ‘developing a climate of trust’ – evidence perhaps then that NLP does work with dogs after all!

Find out more about Linda and her fabulous work on www.differentdogs.co.uk

‘I saw this and thought of you’……Using Psychology to Ride Safer

Article from April issue of Bike Magazine spotted by Dave Lawson px Limited…..course delegate and biker !!! (This is David on his bike in Spain recently)

Most of us have experienced the mist descending and subsequent idiotic, and usually dangerous, riding. Here’s how to stop it.

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