Autumn has blown in so welcome to the latest edition of Personal Effects …. this month more information on The NLP International Conference, my new advanced coaching course and my co-trainer Richard Bisiker. Nicky Forbes of Eden Valley Hospice also lets you know how you can use your skills to help the work of the Hospice whether you are based in Cumbria or not….read on….

The NLP International Conference Programme 2018 is here

As you may already know, I have been invited to present a session at the next NLP International Conference…. I would love it if you could join me there !!

The NLP International Conference has got bit of everything; from parenting, teaching, creativity, presenting, boundaries, leadership, unsticking, research, death, dancing, cancer management, dreaming, dolphins, bullying, heroes, neuroplasticity, singing and laughter!

Some topics are more specific and some will appeal to the wider majority, the choice is yours and we would imagine the experience will be very similar to being in a delicious sweetie shop… which will you choose?

It’s a truly International event, with confirmed presenters from across the globe; Germany, Israel, Canada, Italy, USA, Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Ireland, New Zealand, Malaysia and of course from all over the UK as well!

Click on the link below to see the full programme:

And even better come and join me on my Sunday session:

The Intention/Impact Conundrum

I would love to see you there !!!

Introducing ‘The Advanced Executive Coaching Skills for Coaches Programme’ & Co-Presenter Richard Bisiker.

Richard Bisiker Director Personal Summits Ltd.

Our new advanced coaching programme is aimed at delegates with existing coaching experience and/or coaching qualifications who want to elevate their insight and coaching skill to work at the highest level and be incisively effective !

It aims to allow you to work with confidence with other highly effective people in the most senior positions, and fine-tune your own tool-box of coaching models, knowledge and delivery. Amongst the areas covered we will explore Generative Coaching, New code NLP, Clean Language, and the Institute of Directors recommended competency model. The programme will be very practical supported by coaching supervision. Coaching logs will be required in order to pass the programme and receive certification. Optionally you can go on to submit your work for Certification at Level 7 Coaching & Mentoring from the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Co-presenter Richard Bisiker, is a Certified Director (IoD – Institute of Directors) and Highly Commended in the IoD 2017 Awards. He advises on and delivers Board Development and business growth strategies for SMEs and mid-sized organisations to drive profitability. He holds now and has covered Non-Executive Director roles, being Board Chairman, Vice-Chair and Trustee roles. His coaching business of 20 years has guided and supported CEO, Director and senior management roles in over 180 companies within the UK, Far East, Europe and America. Richard established his ‘Approved ILM Learning Centre’ to deliver Leadership & Coaching Qualifications and has teamed up with Florence to provide a practical and delightful programme to move your coaching skills to the next level !!

To find out more about Richard:

To find out more about our exciting new programme… just get in touch with Richard on 01785 711102 or Florence on 07732 695838

Can you help ? Opportunity for Volunteer Complementary Therapists, Coaches and Life Coaches

Nicky Forbes – Complementary Therapy Coordinator Eden Valley Hospice & Jigsaw, Cumbria’s Children’s Hospice, Carlisle

Eden Valley and Jigsaw Hospices care for adults and children from the Cumbria and South West Scotland area with life-limiting illnesses, and that care extends to complementary therapies that work alongside conventional medicine. That care is not just for the patients and their families but our carers need care too……

We provide the highest standards of nursing, medical and therapeutic care, to sustain quality of life and dignity and to provide patients with support and relief from pain when they need it most. To the families, friends and carers of our patients we extend the same loving support, help and holistic care as such illnesses affect everyone involved.

The Hospice encourages its patients to enjoy a better quality of life, often enabling them to continue to experience aspects of their lives they may have thought had gone forever. It is a special place which is full of life, joy and warmth, not just a place where people go to die. Many patients return home after respite, or having their symptoms managed, others benefit from attending day hospice care and or our out-patients clinics.

Complementary Therapies are available to all patients and carers to provide physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support and relief. A range of therapies including Reiki and gentle massage (HEARTS and Story Massage) are currently provided by the Complementary Therapy Coordinator to aid relaxation, reduce anxiety, relieve stress and support overall wellbeing. All therapies provided work alongside conventional medicine to deliver integrated, holistic care.

Our aim is to extend the Complementary Therapy Service offered across all units of the hospice, which involves the recruitment, support and coordination of qualified, professional complementary therapy volunteers trained in Reiki, Massage, Reflexology, Mindfulness and Aromatherapy as well as continuing to provide therapeutic care to our patients, their families and carers. In addition to one to one sessions (daytime and night time to support bed times), our Complementary Therapy Coordinator plans to introduce workshops to address specific needs (eg; sleep issues, anxiety management and coping tools). Health & Wellbeing days as well as Staff and Volunteer support clinics, run by qualified volunteers, are also being considered to ensure the staff remain robust, resilient and supported in a high emotional intensity environment.

We are keen to incorporate more complementary therapies into the Hospice as they are proven to relieve anxiety, reduce stress and alleviate symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and restlessness in patients with palliative care needs and for their families and carers.

If you would be interested in volunteering your time and skills to the hospice (the hours and options are flexible, depending on what you can offer and which area you would be keen to work in) then I would be delighted to hear from you. I am keen to recruit a team of qualified Complementary Therapists and Coaches who wish to contribute to this vision, with enthusiasm and energy. Part of this year’s aims is to evaluate the viability of such a service, so we can establish a long term robust and sustainable service. It would be wonderful if you could contribute to the establishment of such a service to offer holistic care to patients, carers, staff and volunteers and make a real difference to so many people’s lives.

For those who live outside the area, your skills as a coach, life coach or counsellor could provide a valuable service by skype or telephone too !

Please contact Nicky on 01228 810801 or email [email protected] for more details or to discuss how you can help.

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