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  • 1-1½ hour free ‘taster’ sessions for up to 6 people
  • Webinar based – although some face to face may be possible
  • Some may require some pre-session preparation
  • Choose from the topics listed below or talk to me if you have some other ideas……..
  • To find out more get in touch !

Overview of Taster Sessions:

Managing Our Impact on Others – Using the Johari Window model to get some insight on how we are impacting on others and in turn how that impacts on the effectiveness of our work relationships.

Time Management – Looking at some key principles of how the way our brain works can interfere with managing our time effectively and what we can do about it. (This Session would involve some preparation work.)

Mind Your Language – Noticing how language patterns can indicate how we or others are getting in our own way, on our path to success and happiness.

What Is NLP? – Introducing what Neuro Linguistic Programming is about and how it can help in life and work. Specifically, how we perceive ourselves others and the world around us and the impact that can have on our effectiveness.

Managing Difficult Emotions – How can we change our beliefs and attitudes to keep us in a more resourceful place, when we feel challenged by the behaviour of others? Similarly, how are thinking about ourselves that may stop us fulfilling our potential?

Managing Your State – Increasing our awareness of our somatic mind as well as a cognitive mind and using this to identify and maintain a resourceful state in challenging situations.

Preparing to Run Effective Meetings – Looking at some key principles for setting up a meeting to run successfully and encouraging effective participation.

What’s Your Leadership Style? – Exploring the idea of what kind of leadership is needed at different situations or career stages and style preference suing the Situational Leadership Model.

Line Manager as A Coach – Introduction to what coaching is (and isn’t) and how developing a coaching style will get more from an individual and a team.

Understanding Team Roles – Using the Belbin Team Roles to understand the contribution that team members can make and so using these skills more effectively.

About Florence Madden Associates:

Since starting my business in 2002 with 13 years training and development experience within commercially driven environments, I have been developing a strong track record of helping others to achieve and grow.

I am an author, trainer, coach and podcaster who is passionate about seeing people and organisations thrive and succeed; and I am passionate about the part that development plays in that!

Organisations need to thrive to survive and so any training and development intervention needs to be

  • Practical
  • Flexible
  • Value for money

as well as delivering solutions that give the client the outcome they are looking for!

Now more than ever, as we emerge from lockdown and have to adjust to the ‘new normal’, and the challenges this means for business development and sustainability; as well as perhaps managing people in new ways too.

To find out more get in touch !


What Existing Customers Say:

Florence and I worked closely to design a bespoke Leadership course for our management population.  This was an area that we recognised needed investment and Florence was so helpful in helping us to pinpoint the areas of focus.  The course was designed not just to ‘fix problems’ but to get under the skin of issues to help our managers think differently, approach things in new ways and really evolve as leaders.  The feedback from the delegates has been great to hear and we are seeing new and valuable skills, such as coaching, being put into practice throughout the organisation which is having a transformative impact on how we do business.


Jenni King Head of Human Resource KLM UK Engineering


“Best non-technical course I have ever been on”.

Well structured, applicable to everyday role, applicable to current teams…..Feedback now readily given amongst the team. Team members more open to receiving feedback, as well as the general improvement of the structure of the feedback given as well. We even have an acronym for FLORENCE in our management meetings:

“First Listen Or Respect Everyone Needs a Change to Engage”

You’re definitely a verb as well, also called “having a Florence moment” as well!

Jake Woods Optimisation & Planning Manager px Limited


Florence’s seemingly effortless presenting/facilitating style makes all of her courses a joy.  The ease with which she guides us (the students) through the various theories and practices is awe inspiring.  Attending any of her courses has many benefits for me not least the learning that you take in the subject matter as it also includes the opportunity to learn, experience and model her own facilitating style.  One course attendee on this course referred to us taking a little part of Florence away with us.

Jim Maguire Jim Maguire Associates Ltd


Florence has a real sense of ease and passion in the way she delivers the sessions.  Her knowledge is unsurpassable and she challenges and provokes thinking in a way that engages rather than shuts down, which I have experienced of other people’s courses

Karleen Wood Baxi Heating UK Ltd Human Resources


The programme is excellent. It enables you to grow as a person and in NLP Mastery. Florence runs a tight ship in terms of learning and practice ensuring learned practice is of a professional standard.

Jill Pinington Jill Pinington Coaching